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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Announces Departure

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced Thursday that she would be stepping down from her role. She will be succeeded by Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan, who will become the SVP and new head of YouTube.

Susan Wojcicki
Susan Wojcicki

New Chapter Focused on Family and Personal Projects

In a statement, Wojcicki said, "Today, after nearly 25 years here, I've decided to step back from my role as the head of YouTube and start a new chapter focused on my family, health, and personal projects I'm passionate about."

Continued Involvement with YouTube

Despite stepping down as CEO, Wojcicki will continue to work with the YouTube teams, coaching members and meeting with creators. She has agreed with Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai to take on an advisory role across Google and Alphabet in the longer term.

Susan Wojcicki
Susan Wojcicki

Leadership Team in Place at YouTube

Wojcicki joined YouTube as CEO nine years ago, in 2014. She noted,

"The time is right for me, and I can do this because we have an incredible leadership team at YouTube."

She added,

"When I joined YouTube nine years ago, one of my priorities was bringing in an incredible leadership team."

Long-Standing Relationship with Neal Mohan

Wojcicki had spent nearly 15 years of her career working with Mohan, including when he came to Google with the DoubleClick acquisition in 2007 and as his role grew to become SVP of Display and Video Ads.