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Xi Jinping Visits Moscow Amid Putin's War Crime Warrant

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is visiting Russia and meeting President Vladimir Putin to showcase China's growing diplomatic influence and challenge the US-led global order.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping
Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping

Western Perception of the Visit

Western capitals view this meeting as two autocrats shaking hands while Europe faces a crisis.

Beijing's View on the Visit

China calls the visit a "journey of peace" and claims Xi will play a constructive role in promoting peace talks over the war in Ukraine.

Diplomatic Victory with Saudi Arabia and Iran

China recently brokered a surprise rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, helping restore diplomatic ties between the two nations.

ICC's Arrest Warrant for Putin

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin on charges of war crimes hours after the announcement of Xi's visit.

US and Europe's Stance on the Visit

The United States and Europe view Xi's visit as a support for the increasingly isolated Putin, whose military and economy are struggling.

Concerns of China Providing Assistance to Russia

Western officials expressed concerns that China may provide lethal assistance to Russia's military, which Beijing denies.

Ukraine hopes China will not become an accomplice in the ongoing war.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping
Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping

Xi's Diplomatic Tightrope

Xi aims to present China as a neutral peace broker while deepening ties with Russia and avoiding further antagonizing Europe.

Beijing's Support for Moscow

Despite claims of neutrality, Beijing has provided diplomatic and economic support to Moscow throughout the invasion of Ukraine.

Lopsided Diplomatic Engagements

China's diplomatic engagements show a clear bias toward Russia, with significantly more interactions with Russian officials than with Ukrainian counterparts.

China's Proposal for Political Settlement

China's position paper on a political settlement for the war received a lukewarm response and was criticized by Western officials.

Skepticism and Concern Surrounding China's Role

American and European officials remain skeptical and concerned about China's self-proclaimed role as a peace broker in the Ukraine conflict.

No Drastic Impact Expected from Xi's Visit

Experts believe that Xi's visit is unlikely to have any significant impact on the course of the Ukraine war.