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Xi Jinping Announces China's War Preparations at Parliament Meeting

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has recently announced China's war preparations, raising global concerns and highlighting the country's strengthened ties with the Russian army.

Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping

China's War Preparations: A Global Concern

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has publicly stated that China is preparing for war, emphasizing that this should be taken seriously by the international community. According to Foreign Affairs, the announcement was made during a special session of China's parliament.

Xi Jinping's Speeches on War Readiness

In several speeches discussing war preparations, Xi Jinping urged generals to "fight bravely." While the type of conflict was not explicitly mentioned, it is widely believed to involve a potential battle for Taiwan against the United States and its allies.

China's Increased Defense Budget

These statements coincide with a sharp increase in China's defense budget this year, which has risen 7.2 percent. Additionally, the country has revealed plans to decrease its reliance on food imports.

Strengthening Ties with the Russian Army

Chinese Defence Ministry spokesperson Tan Kefei announced the "strengthening of strategic communications and coordination" between China and the Russian army. As reported by Reuters, he stated that the two nations will collaborate on global security initiatives to "jointly defend international justice and the rule of law."

Joint Military Exercises and Patrols

Tan also revealed plans for joint military exercises between China and Russia and combined maritime and airspace patrols, further showcasing the strengthening relationship between the two countries.