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World Oil Prices Rise as Supply Cuts & Weaker Dollar Counter Economic Woes

As the world’s biggest oil exporters reduce output, and the US dollar weakens, oil prices are witnessing a steady climb.


Market Updates: Oil Prices Gain Momentum Despite Economic Challenges

On Tuesday, oil prices displayed an upward trend buoyed by significant supply cuts from the largest oil exporting countries, as well as promising expectations for increased demand from developing nations in the latter half of 2023. This positive movement comes despite a globally sluggish economic landscape.

Detailed Market Figures: Brent Crude Futures and West Texas Intermediate Crude Perform Well

Brent crude futures witnessed a 64-cent rise, reaching $78.33 a barrel at 01324 GMT. Meanwhile, US West Texas Intermediate crude also registered an increase, going up 71 cents and settling at $73.7.

Contributors to Oil Price Hike: Role of Supply Cuts and Weak Dollar

Supply cuts in August by leading exporters such as Saudi Arabia and Russia played a crucial role in raising benchmark prices. The prices were further bolstered by the US dollar plunging to a two-month low, which makes crude less expensive for holders of other currencies, thereby often promoting oil demand.

Market Forecasts: US Inflation and Its Impact on Oil Prices

Analysts and market watchers are eagerly awaiting the release of US inflation data on Wednesday. The data will provide valuable insights into future price pressures and will play a critical role in shaping the interest rate landscape. OANDA analyst Edward Moya believes that extreme US inflation could potentially upset the steady trend in oil prices.

Global Monetary Policy: The End of Tightening?

Despite the ongoing discussion about the US Federal Reserve raising interest rates to keep inflation in check, markets appear to be reassured by signs that the months of monetary policy tightening are drawing to a close.

Persisting Market Anxiety: Fears of Recession and Impact on Oil Demand

Despite these positive signs, market unease persists, fueled by fears of a recession leading to downgrades in oil demand, warns PVM analyst Tamas Varga.

Market Predictions: IEA’s Take on Oil Demand Amid Economic Slowdown

Despite global economic sluggishness, the International Energy Agency (IEA) remains confident that oil demand from China and other developing nations, coupled with recent supply cut announcements, will keep the market tight in H2 2023.

Oil Supply and Demand: China’s Influence on the Market

On a related note, several sources on Tuesday informed Reuters that China, the world’s largest oil consumer, has again asked for lesser supply from the world's biggest oil exporter, Saudi Aramco.

Long-term Energy Forecast: OPEC’s Prediction for 2045

Meanwhile, the secretary-general of OPEC told a Nigerian oil and gas conference on Tuesday that by the end of 2045, global energy demand is projected to surge by 23%.