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White House Denies Plans to Decouple U.S. and China Economies

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan recently dismissed rumors of the U.S. decoupling its economy from China, urging cooperation and mutual support in addressing global challenges.

Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser
Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan clarified the U.S. stance on relations with China on Thursday, stating that the country is not seeking to decouple its economy from China. During his speech at the Brookings Institution, he emphasized that the U.S. is not looking to cut off trade with the Asian superpower.

Sullivan Calls for China to Assist Indebted Countries

Sullivan urged China to take on a more constructive role in helping heavily indebted nations. He emphasized the importance of Beijing's cooperation in addressing global economic challenges and fostering international stability.

U.S. Tech Concerns and Continued Economic Ties with China

While expressing concerns over China potentially using American technology against the United States, Sullivan confirmed that Washington has no plans to sever economic ties with Beijing. The U.S. government aims to balance trade and technology relations with China while safeguarding its national interests.