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White House and European Commission Collaborate on AI Agreement

The White House and the European Commission will unveil a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) agreement on Friday.

AI writing on the CPU
AI writing on the CPU

This marks the first such agreement between the United States and Europe, as previous contracts have been limited to specific areas such as privacy.

AI Agreement to Improve Sectors Including Agriculture, Healthcare, Emergency Response

The initiative will focus on utilizing AI modeling, which uses data to make logical decisions to enhance the efficiency of government operations and services. The agreement aims to accelerate the use of AI to improve various sectors, including agriculture, healthcare, emergency response, climate forecasting, and the electric grid.

White House
White House

AI Partnership Utilizes Joint Models, Keeps Data in Respective Locations

According to a senior U.S. administration official, "The magic of this partnership lies in building joint models while keeping data in its respective location, stating, "The U.S. data stays in the U.S. and European data stays there, but we can build a model that talks to the European and the U.S. data because the more data and the more diverse data, the better the model."

Flag of EU
Flag of EU

Partnership Provides Governments Access to More Detailed AI Models

This new partnership will give governments access to more detailed and data-rich AI models, leading to more efficient emergency responses and electric grid management, among other benefits. For example, the official pointed to the electric grid and how data from the United States and European countries can be combined to create a standard AI model that would produce better results for emergency managers and grid operators.

Other Countries Invited to Join Partnership in Coming Months

The partnership is currently between the White House and the European Commission - the executive arm of the 27-member European Union. Other countries will be invited to join in the coming months.