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What to Expect When Trump is Arrested in the Coming Days

Explore the unprecedented arrest process, legal timeline, and potential controversies surrounding former President Donald Trump's imminent arrest and arraignment.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Trump's Unprecedented Arrest and Processing

Donald J. Trump's imminent arrest will be unprecedented, as he is a former commander-in-chief. While he will likely face standard processing, including fingerprinting and photographing, the situation remains far from routine.

Handcuffing Trump: Will There Be an Exception?

As most defendants are, it is unclear whether Trump will be handcuffed when taken into custody. There may be an exception for the former president, with some white-collar defendants having their hands secured in front of them instead.

Secret Service Protection During Arrest and Arraignment

Throughout the arrest and arraignment process, Trump will be accompanied by armed U.S. Secret Service agents. While state court officers provide courthouse security, the Secret Service is legally required always to protect Trump.

Timeline of Trump's Indictment and Expected Arraignment

After the grand jury indicted Trump, the charges will remain sealed until his expected arraignment on Tuesday. It may take several days for Trump to appear at the courthouse, where the charges will be formally revealed.

Trump's Surrender and Campaign Strategy Amid Charges

Lawyers for Trump, who is running for president for a third time, said he would surrender and is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday. The former president uses the charges as a campaign strategy to energize his base.

Controversy Surrounding Trump's Potential Extradition

If Trump refuses to surrender, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has stated that Florida "will not assist in an extradition request." However, if New York prosecutors seek extradition and DeSantis attempts to protect Trump, he could face legal action himself.