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Updates from Earthquake in Turkey & Syria: Over 11,859 Dead

The death toll in Turkey and Syria has risen to over 11,859 after two earthquakes hit the region. Rescuers are racing against time to find survivors in the rubble.

A photo from the area hit by the earthquake
A photo from the area hit by the earthquake

Dramatic Rescues Amid Disaster

Rescuers have made several dramatic rescues, including small children found alive more than 30 hours after the initial quake. Aid has poured in from nearly 30 countries, and the Turkish President has declared a state of emergency in 10 affected provinces.

Türkiye: Over 9.057 Dead, 52.979 Injured

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reported that at least 9,057 people have died and over 52,979 have been injured in Turkey due to the earthquakes. The damage is widespread across several cities and towns, making the rescue efforts challenging.

Syria: Over 2,802 Dead in Devastating Quakes

The death toll in Syria has reached over 2,802, according to the Health Ministry and the White Helmets volunteer group. Earthquakes frequently shake the region due to its location on top of major fault lines.