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Ukraine Accused of Drone Attack on Kremlin in Attempt to Assassinate Putin

Russia accused Ukraine on Wednesday of using drones in a failed attempt to assassinate President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin, as the state-run RIA news agency reported.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Kremlin's Response to the "Planned Terrorist Action"

The Kremlin deemed the attack a "planned terrorist action" and stated its right to retaliate, according to RIA.

Russian Defenses Thwart Drone Attack

Two drones, reportedly targeting Putin's residence within the Kremlin citadel, were disabled by Russian defenses. The Kremlin confirmed that Putin was not injured and no material damage occurred.

Assassination Attempt Coincides with Victory Day

RIA stated that the Kremlin viewed this assassination attempt as a planned terrorist act on the eve of Victory Day and the May 9 Parade.

Putin's Schedule Unaffected by Attack

Despite the alleged attack, Putin has not altered his schedule and continues to work as usual.

Russia's Right to Retaliate

The Russian government reserves the right to take retaliatory measures when and where appropriate.

Unverified Video of Incident Circulates Online

An unverified video shared on Russian social media, including the military news outlet Zvezda, shows pale smoke rising behind the main Kremlin Palace after the alleged incident.