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UK Court Rules Against Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Creator Craig Wright

In a recent copyright claim, the UK court has ruled against Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin. Wright claimed that Bitcoin variants, such as Bitcoin Cash, violated his intellectual property rights.

Craig Wright
Craig Wright

Judge Rules Against Wright

Judge James Mellor ruled that the file format of Bitcoin Cash is protected by copyright, going against Wright's claims. The judge found that Wright failed to show how the file format of Bitcoin was first recorded and, therefore, could not be treated as literary work. Mellor stated that no relevant work had been identified containing content that defines the structure of the Bitcoin file format.

The Mystery of Bitcoin's Creator Remains

Craig Wright is a controversial figure, claiming to be the entity behind the 2008 Bitcoin white paper under the pseudonym "Satoshi Nakamoto." Despite his claims, the mystery of Bitcoin's true creator remains unsolved. Wright's copyright claim aimed to block the operation of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, but the judge ruled against him.

Coindesk reports that the judge stated that claims concerning copyright to the 2008 white paper and whether Wright is the true author would be subject to later rulings.