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UAW Strike Against Detroit Three Automakers: Day 3 and Still Counting

A sweeping industrial labor action across the Detroit Three automakers shows no signs of immediate resolution.

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Resumption of Talks Amid Historic Strike

The United Auto Workers strike against the Detroit Three automakers—General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis—progressed to its third day on Sunday. This marks a groundbreaking labor move as it's the first instance of UAW striking against all three automakers at once.

Americans' View on Labor Unions: A Changing Perspective

Interestingly, the current widespread strike is juxtaposed against a backdrop of increasing public approval for labor unions. Even though union memberships have largely stayed the same, their public acceptance has risen dramatically in recent times.

Slow Progress: UAW's Stance on Ongoing Negotiations

Shawn Fain, UAW's President, shared on MSNBC that there hasn’t been much headway in discussions. Reflecting on the earlier negotiation phase that began in mid-July, he expressed disappointment at the automakers for not heeding UAW's counsel.

Labor Action's Impact: Worker Count and Plants Affected

A significant 12,700 UAW workers are currently on strike. This action predominantly affects three major U.S. assembly plants—one from each of the Detroit Three automakers.

Contract Negotiations: The Road to Agreement

Over the weekend, the UAW revealed it had a "reasonably productive" dialogue with Ford. Meanwhile, Stellantis proposed a substantial wage increase, aligning its offer with GM and Ford. These offers, however, fall short of UAW’s demand for a 40% wage boost by 2027.

White House Weighs In: Biden's Support for the UAW

U.S. President Joe Biden, through acting Labor Secretary Julie Su and advisor Gene Sperling, has communicated with both the UAW and automakers, emphasizing the importance of securing middle-class jobs in future agreements.

Stellantis’ Plant Controversy: Disagreement Over Belvidere Operations

Mark Stewart of Stellantis highlighted that the UAW declined an offer concerning the Belvidere, Illinois assembly plant, which was linked to a contract settlement. The plant had paused operations due to EV production costs. Stellantis and UAW have since exchanged heated remarks over this issue.

Current Production Setbacks: The Immediate Impact of the Strike

The strikes have led to production stoppages in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri. These plants are responsible for manufacturing popular models like the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler. Moreover, the ongoing strike poses threats to GM’s EV launch, according to industry analysts.

Potential Future Targets: Analyst Predictions

Analyst Chris McNally from Evercore ISI opined that if the strike persists, plants producing profitable pickups might be next in line for walkouts.

Layoffs and Shutdowns: Ripple Effects of the Strike

The aftermath of the strike has already been felt with Ford laying off 600 workers in Michigan and GM alerting 2,000 workers in Kansas of a potential shutdown due to the strike.

UAW's Broader Demands: A Glimpse into Worker Priorities

Apart from wage enhancements, UAW’s agenda also includes demands for shorter work weeks, reviving defined benefit pensions, and fortified job security, especially as the industry pivots to electric vehicles.