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U.S. Eases Stance on Netanyahu after Judicial Overhaul Delay

As tensions ease in Israel following the suspension of a controversial judicial overhaul, the United States ambassador to Israel announced that President Biden would host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington in the coming months, although no specific date was provided.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

Washington Signals Support for Netanyahu's Delayed Judicial Plan

Netanyahu's long-desired meeting with Biden comes after the U.S. administration expressed support for delaying the divisive judicial plan. However, a date has yet to be fixed for the meeting, leaving the possibility of delays if Netanyahu proceeds with the plan after a pause.

Calming Atmosphere in Israel after Judicial Overhaul Concerns

Signs of easing tensions were observed across Israel after the contentious judicial overhaul sparked civil unrest and worsened relations with the Biden administration. Following Netanyahu's reversal, Israel's leading union called off a general strike, hospitals resumed full services, and the main airport reopened outbound flights.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

Distrust Persists Amid Delayed Judicial Overhaul Plan

Despite the delay, protesters fear the government may resume the overhaul after a superficial delay, and demonstrations were still scheduled. Government supporters expressed disappointment, claiming their views and goals were suppressed despite right-wing parties winning a majority in the November election.

Opposition Relief Amid Uncertainty Over Overhaul's Future

The opposition experienced relief after the delay, although many remain concerned that the overhaul was not entirely scrapped. There are also worries about Netanyahu's promise to consider creating a national guard under the control of the far-right minister for national security, which critics say could effectively place a paramilitary body under the control of a man convicted of racist incitement and support for a terrorist group.