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Twitter Suspends LooksRare NFT Marketplace Account

Twitter has suspended the official account for LooksRare, a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Twitter logo
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The account was suspended shortly after subscribing to "Twitter Blue," the social media platform's verification mark.

Zodd, LooksRare Co-Founder, Responds to Suspension

Zodd, the pseudonymous co-founder of LooksRare, reassured the public that a support ticket has been sent to Twitter and that the team is working to restore the account. He added that LooksRare's native token, LOOKS, has not been affected by the situation.

Twitter's Censorship in Crypto Industry

Being mistaken as a "suspicious" account has become increasingly common in the crypto industry. Experts cite the importance of users remaining vigilant for policy changes on social media and adapting to them when needed. Ryan Selkis, the creator of Messari, also highlighted that censorship on Twitter has gotten "way worse" since Elon Musk's takeover of the company last year. He drew attention to other accounts impersonating him that were still up while he was taken down, calling it "a sign of decay" of Twitter.

Importance of Maintaining a Good Public Image in Crypto

According to digital asset proponents, the LooksRare incident is a case in point, as it shows the value of maintaining a good public image and engaging with customers promptly. They advise users to ensure appropriate protocols are followed, which can help them stay ahead of the curve and avoid misunderstandings. Platform administrators are also advised to be ready to respond quickly to any issues that arise and take immediate action to address any potential threats.