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Twitter Makes Further Staff Cuts in Content Moderation and Hate Speech Units

Twitter has reportedly made further staff cuts in its trust and safety team that handles global content moderation and in the unit related to hate speech and harassment.

Twitter HQ
Twitter HQ

According to Bloomberg, at least a dozen employees in the company's Dublin and Singapore offices were laid off on Friday night, including Nur Azhar Bin Ayob, head of site integrity for the Asia-Pacific region, and Analuisa Dominguez, senior director of revenue policy. Additionally, workers on teams handling policy on misinformation, global appeals, and state media on the platform were eliminated.

In an email to Reuters, Twitter's vice president of trust and safety, Ella Irwin, confirmed that some cuts were made in the trust and safety team on Friday night but did not provide further details. Irwin stated, "we have thousands of people within Trust and Safety who work content moderation and have not made cuts to the teams that do that work daily." She also mentioned that some of the cuts were in areas that lacked sufficient volume or where it made sense to consolidate.

This news follows the massive layoffs of roughly 3,700 employees in November and hundreds of resignations, which were part of a cost-cutting measure by CEO Elon Musk. The company was also hit with a lawsuit last month alleging that it disproportionately targeted female employees in the layoffs.