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Twitter Daily Tweet Limit Impacts On Users

Many Twitter users could not send tweets and were greeted with a message saying, "You are over the daily limit for sending Tweets." The reason for the change is still being determined, and it is not known if it is the result of a bug or a product update.

Representative image of twitter bird falling down
Representative image of twitter bird falling down

"Tweet Not Sent" Error Message

Twitter users could not post from their mobile devices and received a message that read "Tweet not sent." The error message also stated, "We're sorry we weren't able to send your tweet. Would you like to retry or save this tweet in drafts?" Additionally, users were unable to send or load direct messages.

Twitter's Daily Limit Unclear

Twitter has not made any announcements regarding updates to its daily tweet limits. It is unknown if the change was intentional or a temporary glitch and the company did not respond to requests for comment. According to the company's website, Twitter limits the number of tweets that can be sent to 2,400 daily, with a daily limit of 500 direct messages.

Brands Still Able to Tweet

Despite the issue many Twitter users face, brands can still send tweets.