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Tucker Carlson Launches New Twitter-Based Show After Fox News Departure

Following a damaging defamation lawsuit, Tucker Carlson, the former Fox News host, begins a new chapter with his Twitter-based show.

Tucker Carlson

Embarking on a New Journey: Tucker's Twitter Show

After weeks of being off-air due to a severe defamation lawsuit over alleged false claims of election fraud, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson returned with the debut episode of his new show on Twitter. The program, "Tucker on Twitter," was launched in a 10-minute video named "Ep.1".

Controversial Claims Ignite the Show

In the inaugural episode, Carlson triggered controversy by claiming, without any provided evidence, that Ukraine was responsible for destroying a significant dam in Russian-controlled territory, leading to widespread flooding.

Tucker's Vision for a Freer Platform

The once top-rated talk show host on U.S. cable television envisions Twitter as a platform with "no gatekeepers," analogous to a "short-wave radio under the blankets." He even asserted that if this freedom of speech were proven to be a false premise, he would depart from the platform.

Elon Musk Embraces the New Show

Following Carlson's video post, Elon Musk, Twitter owner, expressed his enthusiasm for the new show. Musk tweeted, asserting his desire to see shows representing all parts of the political spectrum on Twitter.

Fox News Unspoken Departure

Fox News Media and its top host, Carlson, parted ways in late April, shortly after Fox Corp, the parent company, resolved a defamation lawsuit for $787.5 million. The lawsuit was instigated by Dominion Voting Systems, who accused Carlson of allowing debunked election fraud claims about its voting technology firm to be aired on his show, despite expressing doubts in private messages. As of now, Fox News has yet to respond to requests for comments on this situation.