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Trump and Haley Call for Biden Administration to Shoot Down Spy Balloon

Former President Trump and former Governor Nikki Haley called for the Biden administration to "shoot down" the suspected Chinese spy balloon hovering above the northern US.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The Pentagon decided against taking any action due to the risk to the safety and security of people on the ground from the possible debris field. Montana lawmakers believe the Biden administration needs to do more to combat the potential threat.

China Confirms Spy Balloon Over Montana is Civilian Research Craft

The People's Republic of China confirmed that the balloon spotted over Montana is a civilian airship used for meteorological research. The airship deviated from its planned course due to the Westerlies and its limited self-steering capability. China regrets the incident and will continue communicating with the US to handle this unexpected situation properly.

China Urges Calm as Officials Investigate Balloon Incident

China's Foreign Ministry has announced an investigation into the reports of the balloon. A spokesperson urged US officials and Chinese authorities to proceed calmly and carefully amid the investigation. China is a responsible country with no intention of violating any sovereign country's territory and airspace.