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Token Bracing for Biggest Run in Crypto History, says XRP Whale

RealXRPwhale, an XRP enthusiast, recently tweeted that the token is "gearing up for the biggest run in crypto history."

XRP Logo
XRP Logo

The tweet also stated that the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is hurting millions of investors and America's innovation with frivolous lawsuits and that XRP is "NOT security! WE WILL WIN!"

XRP has been trading in the green zone for the past week. It started the week above its open market price of $0.330, spiked to $0.350 within hours, and then consolidated its position in the $0.345-$0.350 range for a few days. However, it experienced a low momentum period and reached its lowest price of $0.333 on the fourth day. Later in the week, XRP gained momentum again and rose to $0.3535.

Since mid-November, XRP has been in a bullish wedge and methodically testing the 200-day MA. The RSI is at 57.73, indicating that the token is neither overbought nor oversold and the trend is well set. The Bollinger bands are also widening, suggesting potential volatility in the future. If the bulls dominate the market, XRP could break the 200-day MA and target resistance one at $0.4. If the bears take over, it could drop below support one at $0.32.