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TikTok Introduces Text-Based Posts: A New Challenger for Musk's 'Twitter X'?

In an innovative twist, TikTok debuts its text-only posts, adding a new dimension to the competitive landscape of social media.

TikTok logo
TikTok logo

Text-Based Posts: TikTok's Answer to Twitter X

TikTok, the renowned Chinese short-video app, has revealed a new feature: text-only posts. This comes as a strategic attempt by the company to leverage the uncertainty at Twitter, following Elon Musk's controversial acquisition of the platform last year.

An Array of Backgrounds for Posts: TikTok's New Feature

Released on Monday, the update enables TikTok users to personalize their text posts using a selection of different backgrounds. Additionally, the feature supports the use of hashtags and allows users to tag one another, further enhancing the interactive experience.

Instagram Stories Rival: TikTok's 1,000-Character Limit Posts

Echoing the aesthetic of Instagram Stories, TikTok's text posts come with a 1,000-character limit, according to reports by tech news giant, the Verge. This resemblance to Instagram Stories, combined with the character limit, brings a unique twist to the text-based social media landscape.

Threads by Meta: Another Contender in the Text-Only Arena

With TikTok’s new feature launch, it is worth noting another similar app - Threads. This text-only application was launched by Meta Platforms and its Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg earlier in July, providing yet another potential rival to Musk's revamped Twitter.

Twitter X: Musk’s Vision of an “Everything App”

In other developments, Elon Musk has rebranded Twitter as "Twitter X" and abandoned its emblematic blue bird logo. This change was implemented on Monday and is part of Musk's ambitious plan to transform the platform into an "everything app".