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The U.S. Urges Citizens to Evacuate Russia

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has warned American citizens residing or traveling in Russia to evacuate immediately due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and the possibility of arrest or harassment by Russian law enforcement.

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow
The U.S. Embassy in Moscow

Increased Caution Advised

The embassy advises citizens to exercise increased caution and not to travel to Russia, citing past instances of wrongful detentions, secret trials, and harassment of U.S. citizens by Russian authorities. The embassy has issued similar warnings, with the last issued in September.

Criminal Case Against U.S. Citizen

In January, the Federal Security Service (FSB) in Russia opened a criminal case against an American citizen on suspicion of espionage. The U.S. Embassy has expressed concern about the arbitrary enforcement of local laws against religious workers and the opening of questionable criminal investigations against U.S. citizens engaged in religious activities.