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Texas Senator Proposes Ban on Foreign Land Ownership

State Senator Lois Kolkhorst has introduced legislation prohibiting certain foreign entities from gaining ownership of Texas lands.

Photo of signboard representing the Texas state line
Photo of signboard representing the Texas state line

Senate Bill 147 aims to prevent future purchases or acquisitions of title to real property in Texas by governments or entities affiliated with countries such as Iran, Russia, North Korea, and China.

Texas Republican Voters Support Ban on Chinese Land Ownership

Recent polling revealed that 82% of Texas Republican voters want to see the Texas government prohibit the Chinese government or Chinese citizens from purchasing land in the state. The proposed legislation follows a recent purchase of 130,000 acres in South Texas near Laughlin Air Force Base by a former member of the Chinese communist army in 2021.

The Texas State Senate Lois Kolkhorst
The Texas State Senate Lois Kolkhorst

Florida and North Dakota Experiences Cited in Texas Land Ban Proposal

Senator Kolkhorst also cited examples in Florida and North Dakota, where Chinese corporations have purchased hundreds of acres of land. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken executive action to curb the future purchase of any property near military bases and other agriculture properties across the state.

Senate Bill 147 builds on SB 2116, which passed the Texas Legislature unanimously in 2021 and protected critical infrastructure against contracts with certain countries.