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Tesla Slashes Over $1,300 of U.S. Model 3 Prices: A Strategic Move?

Tesla takes on a bold new strategy, offering significant discounts on its U.S. Model 3 inventory while exploring advertising for the first time.

Tesla logo
Tesla logo

Big Discounts on Tesla Model 3 in the U.S.

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has announced sizeable discounts of more than $1,300 on selected Model 3 vehicles in the U.S. According to an analysis of the company's website; this news comes as a response to the company's recent price hike on most newly ordered cars within the month.

A Strategic Turn Amid Economic Challenges

Tesla's aggressive price slashing has been observed in several regions this year. Interestingly, this is reminiscent of conventional automaker strategies, where incentives are offered to clear inventory amidst economic headwinds and burgeoning competition. Industry experts note that Tesla's move aligns with this traditional approach.

Elon Musk's Bold Move: Advertising for the First Time

In a surprising revelation, Tesla CEO Elon Musk declared to shareholders on Tuesday that the company plans to venture into advertising. This unexpected move, analysts interpret, is likely aimed at boosting demand. In his statement, Musk also cautioned that Tesla, like other global entities, isn't impervious to the fluctuations of the worldwide economy. He said the global economic climate could present challenges over the next 12 months.