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Tesla Shanghai Workers Protest Bonus Cuts on Social Media

According to online posts and workers, workers at Tesla's Shanghai factory are using social media to address Elon Musk and the Chinese public regarding their performance bonuses being cut.

Tesla factory
Tesla factory

Several posts criticize Tesla's management of a fatal accident that occurred earlier this year in the Shanghai plant, questioning if the bonus reductions are related to the incident.

Discontent Surfaces at Tesla's Most Productive Plant

This situation highlights a rare expression of dissatisfaction at Tesla's largest and most productive factory, which Elon Musk previously commended for its hard work during the COVID lockdown.

Workers Reach Out to Elon Musk on Twitter

Some individuals have taken to Twitter, blocked in China, to tweet directly to Elon Musk, his mother, Maye Musk, and Tesla's accounts, requesting attention to the issue.

Bonus Cuts Linked to "Safety Incident"

Two workers informed Reuters that they were notified about a cut to their quarterly bonus payout related to the factory's performance, with Tesla supervisors citing a "safety incident" as the reason.

Online Posts Allege Unfair Punishment for Factory Incident

Several posts claim that workers at the Shanghai plant are being unjustly penalized for an incident earlier this year, which resulted in a worker's death in February.

Pudong Government Report on Tesla's Safety Management

A local Pudong government report concluded that Tesla's safety management oversight indirectly contributed to the accident, with the deceased worker being directly responsible.

No Immediate Response from Elon Musk or Tesla

Tesla and Elon Musk still need to respond to requests for comment regarding the situation.

Maye Musk Gains Popularity in China

Maye Musk, Elon's mother, recently completed a tour in China to promote her memoir, gaining a following in the country.

Workers Report Bonus Reduction of 2,000 Yuan

Online posts reveal that some workers' quarterly bonuses have been reduced by approximately 2,000 yuan.

Salary and Bonus Structures at Shanghai Factory

The Shanghai plant's base salaries are around 5,340 yuan monthly, with additional income from overtime work, shifts, and annual and quarterly bonuses.

Tesla's Upcoming First-Quarter Results

Tesla is set to report first-quarter results soon, with investors and analysts watching to see how price reductions on electric vehicles have impacted Tesla's industry-leading margins.