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Tesla Halts Model S and X Orders in Australia

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has stopped accepting orders for the Model S and Model X in Australia, as revealed by an update on their Australian website. Customers can now only sign up for updates regarding the flagship vehicles but need help to place orders.

Tesla Shop
Tesla Shop

Pre-Order and Design Studio Replaced with Updates Button

The $400 refundable pre-order option and the Design Studio feature have been removed. In their place, customers can now click a "Get Updates" button, which adds them to a mailing list.

Model S and X Availability in Other Right-Hand-Drive Markets

Australian media outlet "The Drive" reported that Tesla's Model S and Model X vehicles remain available in other Right-Hand-Drive markets.

Tesla's Regional Mix Strategy for Model S/X Vehicles

Tesla's recent press release announced nearly 423,000 vehicle deliveries in Q1, mentioning a transition to a more balanced regional mix for Model S/X vehicles, including those in transit to EMEA and APAC regions.

Uncertainty Over Model S and X's Future in Australian Market

It is still being determined if Tesla intends to completely remove Model S and Model X from the Australian market. Customers in Australia have yet to be informed about any potential refunds for existing orders, suggesting a possible backlog of vehicles.

Model S and X Production at Fremont Plant

Tesla manufactures the Model S and Model X exclusively at their Fremont plant in Northern California. These low-volume cars contribute to less than 5% of the company's total quarterly volume on average.

TSLA Shares Rise by 3.85% in Thursday Trading

Tesla's shares (TSLA) experienced a 3.85% increase near Thursday's end-of-day trading.