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Tesla Cancels Canadian Orders for U.S.-Made Model Y Long Range

In a recent surprise move, Tesla has canceled its existing Canadian orders for the Fremont-manufactured Model Y Long Range.

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Cancellation of Canadian Orders for Tesla's U.S.-Made Model Y

According to information from Drive Tesla Canada released on Friday, Tesla, the prominent electric vehicle manufacturer has reportedly canceled the orders of Canadian customers who had opted for a Fremont-manufactured Model Y Long Range.

Confusing Communications from Tesla

In a somewhat confusing email sent to its customers, Tesla mentioned that the chosen configuration of the Model Y Long Range is no longer available, thereby leading to the cancellation of the orders and subsequent issuance of deposit refunds. However, the email should have mentioned which configuration was discontinued, although it was inferred that it pertained to the Model Y Long Range variant manufactured at Fremont, with a capacity to cover 531 km or 330 miles on a single charge.

Offering Alternative Configurations

In response to the cancellations, Tesla has proposed an alternative to its customers – the opportunity to change their orders to different configurations, including the newly introduced Model Y Long Range produced at Giga Shanghai. Customers must finalize their new vehicle designs by June 23, 2023 to retain their positions in the queue.

Tesla Stock Performance

Following these developments, Tesla's shares (NASDAQ: TSLA) experienced a 2.22% rise, closing at $249.83 per share on Monday.