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Stellantis Optimistic about German Brand Opel's Future

Franco-Italian carmaker Stellantis is optimistic about the future of its German subsidiary, Opel. The company's Europe Chief, Uwe Hochgeschurtz, believes that Opel will be able to continue operating as a separate brand.

Stellantis showroom
Stellantis showroom

"I'm Happy With the Brand and Its Products"

In an interview with Automobilwoche magazine, Hochgeschurtz said, "I'm happy with the brand and its array of products. There is great capacity for development." He also mentioned that the design center in Ruesselsheim was one of the most modern in the company and that the German factories had a steady workload, ensuring their future was safe.

Lack of Transport Capacity Blamed for Loss of Market Share

Hochgeschurtz blamed Opel's loss of market share on inadequate transport capacity to deliver the cars to sellers. He said, "We had the clients and the finished cars, but they did not get to where they needed to." He added that there needed to be more transport capacity due to the lack of truck drivers, so they offered salespeople to come and pick up the cars themselves in their depots.

Opel logo
Opel logo

Good Export Markets for Opel

Hochgeschurtz named Latin America, Turkey, and North Africa good export markets for Opel. However, he mentioned that "the market's core in Europe."

Opel's Export Markets and Core Market

In conclusion, Stellantis is optimistic about Opel's future and sees excellent growth potential. Hochgeschurtz named Latin America, Turkey, and North Africa as good export markets for Opel, with Europe being the brand's core market.