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Solana Public RPC Endpoints Offline Following Bug in New Release

Solana Public RPC endpoints and the Mainnet beta Explorer are currently offline due to a maintenance upgrade following a bug in a recent test release.

Solana Logo
Solana Logo

This maintenance does not impact block production or the Solana network.

Solana Experiences 40% Growth in Past Week

Last week, the Solana blockchain saw surprising price movements and gained over 40% growth in the past seven days. As a result, it has reclaimed two positions on the ranking of top cryptocurrencies by market cap, currently sitting at position 14. SOL is now trading at $13.69, having touched $8.14 in December. In the past 24 hours, crypto traders have bought and sold over $1.5 billion worth of SOL, causing a 186% increase in volume.

Solana's Unexpected Recovery Prompts Jokes from Crypto Influencers

Solana's unexpected recovery has prompted jokes from crypto influencers. Previously, many famous figures in the Web3 community had made fun of Solana's fall from grace when the blockchain lost over $8 billion in market value due to its exposure to FTX. Famous crypto critic Jim Cramer had even called SOL investors "idiots." However, due to Solana's recent recovery, influencer Satoshi Stacker has now made a joke of Cramer's previous statement.