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Slow Start to Brazil's Soybean Harvest

Brazil's 2022/2023 soybean harvest was at 0.04% of the national planted area last Thursday, according to agribusiness consultancy AgRural.

Soybean Field
Soybean Field

This is significantly lower than the 0.2% seen at the same time the previous year.

Wet conditions in key soybean-growing states, including Mato Grosso, have disrupted fieldwork. In Parana state, the soy harvest will also be delayed due to a longer crop cycle caused by cloudy weather earlier in the season.

Farmers in Rio Grande do Sul are concerned about hot and dry weather, which could impact soybean production. AgRural has also predicted that the heat wave will damage part of the summer corn crop in the region. Brazil has harvested 2.3% of its center-south corn area, below the 3.1% seen at the same time in the previous year.

While there are concerns in some areas, the rest of the country is seeing good soybean yields so far. AgRural estimated Brazil's soy production at a record 153.6 million tonnes for 2022/2023 in mid-December, with a new estimate set to be released in mid-January.