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Russian Missiles Strike Power Facilities in Ukraine

Russian missiles hit several power facilities in Ukraine on Friday, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Weathered Ukraine Flag and buildings
Weathered Ukraine Flag and buildings

The ministry said the strikes aimed at critically important energy facilities of Ukraine's military-industrial complex and blocked the transport of foreign weapons and ammunition to battlegrounds in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Armed Forces Report on Strike

In response to the Russian strikes, Ukraine's armed forces reported that more than 100 missiles were fired, with 12 air and 20 shelling attacks. The Ukrainian forces claimed to have destroyed 61 Russian cruise missiles.

Blackouts Across Ukraine Following Strikes

Ukraine's Energy Minister, German Galushchenko, reported that Russia hit power facilities in six regions with missiles and drones, causing blackouts across most of the country. The strikes came as US President Biden prepares to visit Poland from February 20-22 to show support for aKyiv ahead of the first anniversary of Russia's offensive.