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Russia to Resume Gas Supplies to Europe via Yamal-Europe Pipeline

Russia is ready to resume natural gas supplies to Europe through the Yamal-Europe Pipeline, according to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak.

Oil Pipelines
Oil Pipelines

The pipeline has been mostly reversed since December 2021 due to Poland's decision to stop buying from Russia in favor of stored gas in Germany.

The move resulted in Russia's gas supplier Gazprom cutting off supply and ending exports via Poland after Moscow imposed sanctions against the firm that owns the Polish section of the pipeline.

Despite the tensions, Novak stated that the European market remains relevant as gas shortages continue and Russia has the opportunity to resume supplies.

Russia Expects to Ship 21 Billion Cubic Metres of LNG to Europe in 2022

In an interview with TASS, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak announced that Russia expects to ship 21 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe by the end of 2022. This marks a significant increase from the 19.4 bcm shipped in the first 11 months of the year.

Novak also mentioned that Russia is in discussions to increase gas supplies to Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. In the long term, he suggested that Russia could also send its natural gas to the markets of Afghanistan and Pakistan, either through the infrastructure of Central Asia or as a swap from Iran.

Russia Agrees to Increase Gas Supplies to Azerbaijan for Domestic Consumption

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak announced in an interview with TASS that Russia has agreed to increase natural gas supplies to Azerbaijan for domestic consumption.

Novak added that in the future, when Azerbaijan increases gas production, Russia will be able to discuss gas swaps with the country.