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Russia Starts Pumping Oil to Germany, Flow to Poland Halted

Russian oil pipeline monopoly, Transneft, has started pumping oil from Kazakhstan to Germany through the Druzhba pipeline. The company announced that deliveries to Poland had been halted due to unfinished paperwork for oil supply to the country in the second half of February.


Kazakh Oil Shipped to Germany via Russia's Druzhba Pipeline

Kazakh oil pipeline operator, KazTransOil, announced that it had shipped 20,000 tonnes of crude to Germany via Russia's Druzhba pipeline. Kazakhstan relies heavily on Russia to export its energy and is not subject to Western sanctions.

Supply to Poland was Cut Off Due to Unfinished Paperwork

Transneft stated that routing orders with confirmed resource and transit payments were not executed for oil supply to Poland. The company explained that operational changes were made to the schedule, excluding supplies for Polish consumers.

Polish Refiner PKN Orlen Reacts to Halted Supplies

Polish refiner PKN Orlen announced that Russia had halted supplies but would plug the gap from other sources. The company stated that it has no business or trade relationship with Transneft. Polish state-owned pipeline operator, PERN, commented that it couldn't comment on trade relationships between companies in charge of buying oil for delivery to Poland.

Polish Government Criticised Over Russian Crude Buying

The Polish government has received criticism from the opposition and activists for allowing the state-controlled refiner to continue buying Russian crude. Warsaw is a key ally of Kyiv and has pledged that Russian supplies would be halted by the end of 2022.

Oil Supplies to Slovakia and the Czech Republic Continue as Normal

Operators have confirmed that oil supplies to Slovakia and the Czech Republic via the southern arm of the Druzhba pipeline continue as normal.