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Putin Announces Nuclear Weapons Deal with Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently announced a deal to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, highlighting similarities to the United States' nuclear deployment in allied countries.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Russia and Belarus Reach Nuclear Weapons Agreement

On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed that Moscow had negotiated an agreement with neighboring Belarus to station tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory while maintaining compliance with non-proliferation agreements.

Lukashenko's Long-Standing Request for Tactical Nuclear Weapons

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has long sought to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, which shares a border with Poland. Putin addressed this issue during a state television interview.

Putin Compares Deal to US's Nuclear Weapon Deployment

President Putin highlighted nothing unusual about the agreement, as the United States has deployed tactical nuclear weapons in allied countries for decades.

Russia to Build Storage Facility for Nuclear Weapons

Putin stated that by July 1, Russia will have completed the construction of a storage facility in Belarus for tactical nuclear weapons. However, Moscow will not transfer control of the arms to Minsk.

Russia Stations Aircraft and Transfers Missile Systems

Russia has positioned ten aircraft in Belarus capable of carrying tactical nuclear weapons. Additionally, Moscow has transferred several Iskander tactical missile systems to Belarus, which can be used to launch nuclear weapons.