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President Biden's Battle for Student Loan Debt Relief: Supreme Court Obstacle & New Plans Revealed

Amid the Supreme Court's block on student loan debt cancellation, President Biden prepares to take a fresh approach.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Supreme Court Blocks Biden's Debt Relief Plan

The US Supreme Court has struck down President Joe Biden's proposition to erase $430 billion in student loan debt. This move, which was applauded by Republicans, delivers a significant setback to the Democratic president. The 6-3 decision deprives Biden of the chance to fulfill a key campaign promise and threatens a crucial part of his policy blueprint, at least for the time being.

Biden's Reaction and Next Steps

In response to the ruling, Biden expressed his disappointment but remained undeterred. He assured the public that the battle is far from over and that his administration would persist in its efforts to extend the promise of higher education to all Americans. The White House has confirmed that Biden will be announcing new strategies to safeguard student loan holders.

Progressives Push for More Action

Biden's election victory in 2020 was, in part, thanks to a coalition of progressive voters who have been urging the administration to tackle the student loan debt issue. The Supreme Court's ruling has ramped up demands for additional intervention. Influential progressive figures, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and House Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are insisting that Biden utilize his powers to cancel student debt and prevent a looming economic crisis for millions.

Political Clash Over Student Loan Relief

Biden's critique of Republican-elected officials who backed billion-dollar pandemic-related business loans while blocking student loan relief efforts has stoked political tension. Republicans have defended their position, deeming Biden's original student loan relief proposal as unconstitutional and unjust, asserting it penalizes those who already repaid their loans or opted for alternative career paths. RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel pointed out that Americans saw Biden's move as a desperate attempt to win votes, and they appreciated the Supreme Court's decision.