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Polygon Labs Launches EUROe: A Digital Euro for Ecosystem Enterprises

Polygon Labs has announced the launch of a new digital euro, EUROe. Based on the GEN-X network, EUROe will enable enterprises within the ecosystem to make lightning-fast transactions.

Polygon logo
Polygon logo

Partnership with deltaDAO and Membrane Finance

The launch of EUROe is in partnership with deltaDAO and Membrane Finance, which will make EUROe the primary settlement token and the only EU-regulated full-reserve stablecoin.

EUROe Brings EU-Regulated Stablecoin to GEN-X Test Network

The partnership brings the first and only EU-regulated stablecoin to the GEN-X test network, the Web3 ecosystem built with Polygon Supernets for Gaia-X participants. The stablecoin will enable near-instant business transaction settlements and allow the participants in the Web3 ecosystem to settle AI, data, and infrastructure service transactions on the GEN-X network. The ultimate aim of the launch is to enable portability, transparency, interoperability, and data sovereignty.

Minimizing Third-Party Risks and Cross-Border Settlements

EUROe will help minimize third-party risks and the need for intermediaries, making cross-border settlements easier and cheaper. This will allow for the seamless integration of applications into the network, promoting high levels of interoperability since users will not have to rely on multiple payment providers.

Membrane Finance CEO on EUROe Interest

Juha Viitala, CEO of Membrane Finance and the EUROe project, said, "We've seen a surge in interest in using EUROe as a payment and settlement currency in various data and tokenization initiatives." Membrane Finance is registered with the FIN-FSA as an electronic money institution (EMI) in the EU. Each EUROe can be redeemed for one Euro, with at least one fiat Euro or equivalent held in a European financial institution or bank for every EUROe issued.