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Poland Request for Re-Export of 14 Leopard Tanks to Ukraine

Poland submitted a formal request to Germany to allow the re-export of its Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine, increasing pressure on Berlin to supply heavy weapons to Kyiv to repel a potential Russian invasion.

Leopard Tank
Leopard Tank

Under military procurement rules, Germany must authorize any re-exports. Ukraine believes the tanks would provide increased mobility and protection for their ground troops in preparation for a potential Russian offensive and aid in retaking territory currently under Russian control.

Germany's Hesitation

Germany's Social Democrat party, led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, has been hesitant to approve the re-export due to concerns it could lead to further escalation with Russia. They have also denied accusations that they are blocking the supply of the tanks to Ukraine and argue that a consensus among other countries must be reached.

Poland's Expectations

Poland, who has criticized Germany's delay in approving the tanks, expects a quick response to their formal request. They also expect the European Union to cover the cost of the tanks, viewing it as a test of goodwill from Brussels.

NATO Secretary General's Statement

During a visit to Berlin, NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg praised Germany's support for Ukraine and urged allies to expedite deliveries of advanced weapons. He expressed confidence that a decision on sending tanks would be made soon.