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OpenAI Expands AI Training Efforts

OpenAI is ramping up its efforts to train its artificial intelligence (AI) tech.

OpenAI logo
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The company has hired hundreds of international contractors from regions like Latin America and Eastern Europe to teach AI software engineering in the last six months.

OpenAI Preps AI for Software Engineering Tasks

According to a report from Semafor, some of the contractors hired by OpenAI have been tasked with creating data to train AI on simple software engineering tasks. This move could pave the way for AI to replace some human coders.

OpenAI Hires Contractors for AI Training

One engineer in South America, who interviewed for a contractor role with OpenAI, told Semafor that he was tasked with finding bugs in AI code and providing explanations for how to fix its mistakes. The engineer believes the company plans to use the training data to improve its AI technology.

OpenAI logo
OpenAI logo

ChatGPT Could Disrupt Software Engineering

OpenAI also owns ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot that has already disrupted several industries, including education, journalism, and law. Some Amazon employees have started using ChatGPT to help with coding, but the company has warned its employees not to share confidential information with the bot. With OpenAI's efforts to train AI in software engineering, the bot could soon disrupt the software engineering industry.