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U.S. Closes Lake Michigan Airspace

On Sunday, the FAA restricted airspace above Lake Michigan for "national defense" reasons. The agency declared a "national defense airspace" and briefly closed some areas to support the Department of Defense activities. However, the airspace has been reopened.

Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan

"Radar Anomaly" Closes Montana Airspace

The United States military closed airspace in Montana on Saturday and sent fighter jets to investigate a "radar anomaly." Although the pilots didn't see anything in the area, Montana Republican Rep. Matt Rosendale claims he's in "constant communication" with officials who have confidence that there is an object and it was not an anomaly.

Shooting Down of Suspicious Objects

Recently, the shooting down of a suspected Chinese spy balloon by an F-22 off the coast of South Carolina, another unidentified object over Alaska, and another unknown cylindrical object over Canada have caused concern. US Senator Chuck Schumer believes the objects shot down over Alaska and Canada were balloons. The US Department of Defense and the FBI, along with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, will be working closely to investigate the object shot down over Canada.