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Mysterious Balloon Tracked by U.S. Military Over American Soil

According to official sources, the U.S. military is closely watching another mysterious balloon as it flies over American territory. The object was observed crossing parts of Hawaii but did not enter any sensitive zones.

Spy Balloon
Spy Balloon

Balloon Poses No Threat to Air Traffic or National Security

Officials have been monitoring the balloon since last week and have determined that it presents no danger to air traffic or national security. However, they warned that the balloon could be shot down if it approaches land.

Slow-Moving Balloon Heading Toward Mexico

The unidentified balloon is reportedly moving slowly in the direction of Mexico. While authorities do not believe the object is of Chinese origin, they are still working to identify its owner, as reported by NBC.

Recent Incident with Chinese Spy Balloon Raises Concerns

This news followed an incident in January when a Chinese spy balloon flew across parts of the U.S., sparking security fears. President Joe Biden ordered the object to be shot down, as it could collect sensitive data from American military installations.

China Claims Meteorologist Balloon Incident Was an Overreaction

China insisted the object was a meteorologist balloon that had deviated from its course and labeled the shooting an overreaction. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning called the action "irresponsible" and accused the U.S. of waging information warfare against China.

Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin Addresses Balloon Risk

Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin stated in February that the balloon posed "an undue risk." He explained that U.S. military commanders had concluded that shooting the balloon over land would endanger people across a wide area due to its size, altitude, and surveillance payload.

President Biden's Comments on Balloon Incidents and Security

President Biden clarified that the balloon incidents did not represent a major security breach. He emphasized that any object entering U.S. airspace would be dealt with accordingly, as it violates international law.