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Musk & Yaccarino Unveil 'X' Logo, Marking New Era for Twitter

Twitter introduces an edgy new look under the visionary leadership of Elon Musk and CEO Linda Yaccarino, with the debut of the 'X' logo.

The "X" logo projected at Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco
The "X" logo projected at Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco

Revamping Twitter's Brand Identity

The traditional Twitter bird symbol has taken a backseat as the social media titan's CEO, Linda Yaccarino, and tech luminary Elon Musk unveiled a fresh logo on Monday. The new insignia, a stark white 'X' against a jet-black backdrop, signals a significant departure from the former blue bird symbol.

Yaccarino announced the change in an exciting tweet: "X is here! Let's do this." Alongside her message, she shared an image of the new logo, cast in lights on the facade of Twitter's San Francisco headquarters.

Both Musk's and Yaccarino's Twitter profiles already showcase the 'X' logo, although the iconic Twitter bluebird continues to flutter across the platform for the time being.

Mixed Reactions from Twitter Users

The logo transformation elicited mixed responses from users, with many voicing their discontent using the trending hashtag "#GoodbyeTwitter" about the erstwhile logo.

Musk's intention to revamp the Twitter logo became apparent when he conducted a poll among his substantial follower base. He proposed changing Twitter's color scheme from blue to black and shared a concept image of an 'X' against a cosmos-themed backdrop.

Further endorsing the shift, Musk referred to the “interim X logo," hinting that the Twitter brand and its bird symbol would be phased out gradually.

When asked about the new name for tweets under "X," Musk simply responded with "x's".

History of Twitter's Logo Design

The original Twitter bird logo, crafted by a trio of designers in 2012, was lauded for its simplicity, balance, and clarity, even at small sizes, as shared by designer Martin Grasser.

Accelerating the 'X' Vision

Musk's vision for an "everything app" named "X" appeared to gain momentum following his acquisition of Twitter last year. He had previously shared that purchasing the company would expedite the development of the 'X' app by three to five years.

Interestingly, Musk purchased the domain from PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) in 2017, a nod to his earlier venture as an online bank, which eventually evolved into PayPal.

Despite Twitter's official page on the platform being renamed as "X", the domain remains inactive.

The Future of 'X' and Twitter's Challenges

Yaccarino described the future of 'X' as a hub for unlimited interactivity—encompassing audio, video, messaging, and banking—envisioned as a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities.

Yaccarino, who formerly headed advertising at NBCUniversal, assumed her role as Twitter CEO on June 5, amidst the platform's struggle to recover from a decline in advertising revenue.

Post-acquisition, Twitter has grappled with tumultuous times, including layoffs and a significant decrease in advertisers. The platform also faces stiff competition from Threads, a product launched by Meta as a direct rival to Twitter.