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Moldova's Government Collapses

Moldova's government has fallen apart with the resignation of Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita. The small nation has faced a series of crises since Russia invaded its neighbor, Ukraine.

Natalia Gavrilita
Natalia Gavrilita

Prime Minister Resigns

Gavrilita announced her resignation at a news conference, citing the multiple crises caused by Russia's aggression in Ukraine. Her premiership was plagued by problems such as an energy crisis, skyrocketing inflation, and missiles from the war in Ukraine.

Sacrifice for the Country

Gavrilita took over the government with a mandate to fight corruption and promote development and European ties. Despite the challenges faced, she governed the country responsibly and with dedication. President Maia Sandu thanked Gavrilita for her efforts and sacrifice.

Next Steps for Moldova

Sandu will consult parliamentary factions and appoint a candidate for the leadership position. Gavrilita was appointed Prime Minister in August 2021 after her pro-Western Party of Action and Solidarity won a parliamentary election on a pro-EU and reformist platform.