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Meta CEO Announces Meta Verified Subscription Service

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has launched a new subscription service, Meta Verified. The service will roll out to users in New Zealand and Australia this week before being available to other countries soon.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO
Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO

Meta Verified Subscription Details

For a monthly fee of $11.99 on the web or $14.99 on Apple and Android operating systems, subscribers will receive a government-verified account and a blue badge. The blue badge was previously only available for notable public figures or businesses. In addition, subscribers will also receive extra protection against account impersonation and direct access to customer support.

Aimed at Influencers and Businesses

Meta Verified is aimed at influencers and businesses who use social media for their work but are not considered notable public figures. The change will not affect public figures and businesses that have previously been verified.

Inspiration from Twitter's Playbook

Meta Verified takes inspiration from Twitter's recent subscription service, Twitter Blue. Like Meta Verified, Twitter Blue verifies a user's account with a blue check, and costs $8 per month.

New Revenue Source for Social Media Companies

Social media companies have been seeking new revenue sources as online advertising slows down. Earlier this month, Meta announced its third consecutive quarter of revenue decline, despite an increase in users. The company also announced that it would be laying off 11,000 workers in November.