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McDonald's Reduces Pay and Conducts Layoffs in Restructuring Efforts

According to the Wall Street Journal, McDonald's Corp is implementing pay cuts for some employees as part of a restructuring strategy that involves layoffs and the closure of certain offices.

McDonald's sign
McDonald's sign

Hundreds of Corporate Employees Facing Job Loss

Reuters revealed on Monday that the company plans to lay off hundreds of corporate employees this week.

Compensation Changes for Retained Employees

The fast-food giant offers some employees the option to stay with the company but with reduced compensation packages, which may include title changes, bonuses, and equity grants.

Job Cuts Impact Employees Worldwide

These job cuts and changes affect McDonald's employees in the United States and internationally, within the company's Chicago headquarters, field offices, and departments such as marketing and operations.

Review of Corporate Staffing Levels and Canceling Initiatives

With over 150,000 employees in corporate and other offices and company-owned and operated restaurants, McDonald's announced earlier this year that it was assessing corporate staffing levels and canceling or "de-prioritizing" some initiatives.