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McDonald's Japan Announces Price Hike

McDonald's Holding Company Japan has announced that it will raise prices on approximately 80% of its menu due to currency fluctuations and rising costs of materials, labor, transportation, and energy.

McDonald's Logo
McDonald's Logo

This marks the third price hike in less than a year for the fast food chain in Japan. Prices for a single cheeseburger will increase to 200 yen ($1.49) from 140 yen a year prior, and the cost of a Big Mac will rise to 450 yen from 410 yen. This price increase will affect more than 4,000 food items in Japan starting in January.

Japanese Restaurant Operators Follow Suit with Price Increases

In addition to McDonald's, Japanese restaurant operators Hot Palette Co and Royal Holdings Co have also announced price increases for January and March, respectively. These increases will primarily affect beef and steak items.

Inflationary Pressures Mount on Japanese Consumers

These price hikes come as Japan grapples with inflation and a declining yen, which has made imported ingredients more expensive. This follows a wave of price increases in October of last year.