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Marjorie Taylor Greene Proposes Antifa Terrorist Designation

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has announced plans to introduce legislation to label Antifa as a "terrorist organization" in the wake of an Atlanta, Georgia, protest that ended in rioting and property damage, including burning a police car.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Member of the United States House of Representatives
Marjorie Taylor Greene, Member of the United States House of Representatives

Six individuals were arrested in connection to the incident, but it remains unclear if they affiliated with Antifa.

In an appearance on Fox News, Greene criticized Democrats and claimed that Antifa, short for "anti-fascist," is "the ground troops of the Democrat party" who are "not the anti-fascists" but "the fascists." She also stated that Antifa needs to be "taken apart" and that it's time to investigate who they are and who funds them.

It should be noted that Antifa is not a centralized organization but rather a global ideological movement and loose network that emerged in response to the rise of fascism in post-World War I Europe.

Antifa protesters
Antifa protesters

Greene's proposed legislation comes after former President Donald Trump tweeted in May 2020 that the U.S. would be designating antifa as a "terrorist organization." However, FBI Director Christopher Wray stated in September 2020 that Antifa is "not a group or an organization."

Research has suggested that right-wing extremists are more likely to engage in violent behavior than left-wing extremists. In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, data showed that "left-wing radicals were less likely to use violence than right-wing and Islamist radicals."