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Major U.S. Banks Kick Off Earnings Season

This week, investors focus on major U.S. banks' earnings, Warren Buffett's interest in Japanese stocks, U.S. futures and Tesla's pricing strategy in Germany, upcoming U.S. economic data releases, and oil price trends as they await the IEA report.

Warren Buffet
Warren Buffet

Investors are paying close attention to the beginning of the new quarterly earnings season, featuring central U.S. banks such as Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan Chase. As the banking system faces stress from rising interest rates, these earnings reports will be scrutinized for insights into the economic outlook, consumer credit quality, and business activity.

Warren Buffett's Japanese Stock Interest Sparks Western Investment

Warren Buffett's increased interest in Japanese stocks has drawn Western investors' attention to the long-abandoned region. With the Nikkei up over 9% year-to-date, eased inflation, and a leadership change in the Bank of Japan, investors are betting on continued ultra-easy monetary policy.

Tesla logo
Tesla logo

U.S. Futures Marginally Lower; Tesla Lowers Model 3 Price in Germany

US futures traded slightly lower Friday, while Tesla cut its Model 3 price in Germany by around 4.5%. Investors look forward to the earnings reports from major banks, other companies like UnitedHealth, and economic data releases later in the day.

U.S. Economic Data Releases Awaited by Investors

Investors are anticipating various economic data releases, including March retail sales, industrial production, and the preliminary reading of the consumer sentiment index from the University of Michigan. These reports will shed light on the state of the U.S. economy amid concerns about a mild recession.


Oil Prices Rise as Market Tightens, Awaiting IEA Report

Crude oil prices increased, marking a fourth consecutive week of gains due to signs of a tightening global market. Investors are awaiting the International Energy Agency's monthly oil market report for changes in the global demand outlook amid faltering macroeconomic growth.