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Macron Signs Disputed French Pension Law Amid Union Protests

French President Emmanuel Macron signed a highly controversial bill on Saturday to raise the state pension age, sparking outrage among unions organizing mass protests for months.

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron

Constitutional Council Approves Pension-Age Increase

The law was published in the government's official journal shortly after France's Constitutional Council approved the primary pension-age increase in a ruling on Friday.

New Pension Age Effective from September 1

The legislation, which will gradually increase the state pension age from 62 to 64, is set to take effect on September 1.

Trade Unions Infuriated by Swift Law Proclamation

Trade unions, which had urged the government to delay the law to ease tensions, were infuriated by its short proclamation.

Unions Plan Protests on Labour Day and Beyond

Unions have called for workers to participate in mass protests on Labour Day, May 1, with additional actions planned for April 20 and 28. Rail workers' unions have also scheduled a day of "anger" on April 20.

Labour Minister Addresses Union Concerns

Labour Minister Olivier Dussopt downplayed the timing of the law's promulgation, stating that the government wants to discuss other social issues with the unions.

Public Hostility Rises Following Controversial Bill Passage

Public resentment has grown since the government, which lacks a parliamentary majority, forced the bill through in March without a final vote.

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron

Macron's Televised Address Expected on Monday

According to French media, President Macron, who was refused a meeting with unions on Tuesday, is set to address the nation in a televised broadcast on Monday evening.

Pension Reform Crucial to Macron's Reformer Reputation

Macron has risked his reputation as a reformer on the pension changes, arguing that they must avoid billions of euros in deficits each year by the end of the decade.

Unions Propose Alternative Funding Solutions

Unions contend that additional funding, such as taxing the wealthy more heavily, can be sourced elsewhere to preserve France's social protection model.

Opposition Pushes for Citizens' Referendum on Reform

Opposition parties have submitted another proposal for a citizens' referendum on the pension reform after the Constitutional Council rejected a previous request on Friday.