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Kamala Harris Labels DeSantis and Republicans as 'Extremists'

Vice President Kamala Harris condemns Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and other Republicans as "extremists" while addressing various issues at the National Action Network Convention.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Harris Criticizes Republican 'Extremism' at National Action Network Convention

Vice President Kamala Harris recently publicly condemned Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and other Republican politicians, referring to them as "extremists." Harris made her remarks at the National Action Network (NAN) 2023 Convention in New York, where she highlighted the actions of extremists working to undermine the United States.

Attacks on Voting Rights, History, and Personal Freedoms

Harris emphasized that extremists in the US are targeting various aspects of American life, including the freedom to vote, attempts to erase the nation's history through book bans, and limiting the ability to love openly and proudly. Furthermore, she pointed out the attacks on women's autonomy and FDA-approved medication.

Harris Invokes MLK's Vision for a Better Future

Drawing inspiration from Martin Luther King Jr., Vice President Harris discussed the importance of addressing current issues while maintaining a vision for a brighter future. This approach, she argued, is necessary given the challenges the country faces today.

Harris Expresses Outrage Over Florida's Abortion Ban

The Vice President directed her criticism at Florida's leadership, vehemently opposing the state's recent decision to ban abortion after six weeks. Harris questioned how these leaders claim to fight for freedom while simultaneously attacking fundamental rights.

Al Sharpton Praises Harris, Defends Her Against Critics

Before Harris took the stage at the NAN event, Reverend Al Sharpton praised her and expressed his honor in introducing her. Sharpton also issued a strong defense against her critics, asserting that she was built for her role as Vice President and could withstand any attacks from the opposition.