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Kamala Harris Criticized for 'Loud' Defense of Expelled Tennessee Democrats

Vice President Kamala Harris faces backlash from conservatives on Twitter for her passionate defense of expelled Tennessee Democrats.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Conservatives React to Kamala Harris' Nashville Speech

Conservatives on Twitter criticized Vice President Kamala Harris after she gave a passionate speech in Nashville, denouncing Tennessee Republicans for voting to expel Democrats from the state legislature. Harris' vigorous defense of the ousted lawmakers drew ire from many who felt she was too loud and animated.

Context of Harris' Speech: Expulsion of Tennessee Democrats

Harris's speech was in response to the expulsion of two state representatives from the Tennessee legislature, with a third nearly expelled. The Vice President accused the GOP-majority governing body of undermining democracy by silencing lawmakers and the voters they represent.

Tennessee Republican Caucus Chair Defends Expulsion

Tennessee Republican Caucus Chair, Rep. Jeremy Faison, defended the expulsion of the Democratic lawmakers, claiming they were leading disruptive protests in the state capitol. Faison likened their actions to "leading a choir."

Harris Emphasizes the Importance of Democracy

In her speech, Harris emphasized the importance of democracy, arguing that it allows for diverse voices and opinions. She said, "A democracy says you don't silence the people! You do not stifle the people!"

Critics Mock Harris' Speech on Twitter

Critics on Twitter took issue with Harris' passionate defense of the expelled lawmakers and the protests they were involved in. Some compared her speech to Democratic rhetoric about Republicans encouraging protests, with Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton asking, "Incitement to insurrection?"

Conservative Responses to Harris' Speech

Conservative activists, including immigration lawyer Matthew Kolken, accountant Damian Ranger, and Florida GOP member Leo Libertad, questioned Harris' stance and criticized her for her loud and passionate speech.