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Jim Cramer's Rapid Fire Stock Recommendations

In this lightning-round segment of "Mad Money," host Jim Cramer gives his thoughts on various stocks at a rapid pace in response to caller questions. Here are his thoughts on the following stocks:

Buy and Sell
Buy and Sell

Eagle Materials Inc (EXP)

Cramer is bullish on Eagle Materials, stating that he loves the company and sees opportunities for growth due to the influx of infrastructure funding from the federal government.

Healthcare Realty Trust Inc (HR)

Cramer advises caution with Healthcare Realty Trust, stating that the stock is too dangerous to consider at this time.

Energy Transfer LP (ET)

Cramer recommends Energy Transfer as a buy.

Apple Inc (AAPL)

Cramer continues to recommend Apple as a long-term hold but acknowledges that the stock may see some short-term downward movement before it trends upward again.

Mativ Holdings Inc (MATV)

Cramer is unable to give a recommendation on Mativ Holdings at this time, stating that more research is needed.

Mosaic Co (MOS)

Cramer remains positive on Mosaic Co, stating that he believes the fertilizers market will continue to perform well.

Cellebrite DI LTD (CLBT)

Cramer cannot recommend Cellebrite at this time, stating that he needs to do more research on the company.

SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI)

Cramer is optimistic about SoFi Technologies and believes that it may be CEO Anthony Noto's year for the company.