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Jerome Powell Set to Discuss US Monetary Policy at Senate Hearing

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is scheduled for an anticipated testimony before the US Senate Banking Committee on June 22nd.

Jerome Powell
Jerome Powell

Federal Reserve Chair's Congressional Appointment

Sherrod Brown, the US Senate Banking Committee chair, revealed on Friday that Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chair, would testify before the committee. The hearing is scheduled for June 22nd at 10 am Eastern Time.

Implications of Powell's Testimony in US Monetary Policy

Powell's testimony before the Senate Banking Committee marks his second report to Congress this year. These semi-annual reports from the Fed Chair are vital to communicating the state of US monetary policy to Congress and the public.

Connecting Interest Rates and Inflation: What to Expect

The testimony is particularly noteworthy as it will follow the Federal Reserve's interest-rate-setting meeting, slated to occur a week prior. Analysts widely expect the Fed to hold steady on borrowing costs despite high inflation rates.